Wandering Iris Tuesday Pik ~~ Lake Ozark, Missouri

Lake Ozark is a small community next to Bagnell Dam on The Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri.

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Great photos. The gentleman certainly stands above everyone.

  2. Gorgeous final frame; but I’m somewhat put off the earlier ones by the plethora of advertising signs. :-}

  3. Yvonne says:

    It looks like the type of town that might be fun to browse through.

  4. Outlier Babe says:

    This whole dam(n)med lake broke my heart. Way to spoil what used to be natural beauty.

  5. Outlier Babe says:

    Iris? Are you okay? Did I miss or forget something you told us? I remember you were gone, then returned, but I don’t remember you saying you’d be gone again.

    I hope everything is all right.

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