Life Under Construction



I will be back on February 1st.

Thank you, everyone, for sticking with me.  My body, mind, soul and living space is is in the middle of some re-structuring.  Destressing my mind, decluttering my home, getting my body back in a routine and getting my diabetes back in control.  I will be back in full force on Feb 1, on both of my blogs, Wandering Iris and my new Getting Mobile and Healthy.

Keep smiling and blogging,


Not My Normal Type Of Post, But I’m REALLY Angry


Several minutes ago I was looking for some information on the cast of the Andy Griffith show. 

Google placed this “Thing” at 7th from the top on my computer screen:


WHAT ?????      If a person is Jewish they are Not White?

This is the type of RACIST CRAP that is plaguing our entire planet!

Dear stormfront,

   White is a race.  Jewish is a religion.

Where did “Race”  as an identifier come from.  What MORON invented the Race Scale?

Friday Fictioneers: Family Dinner

Family Dinner

Photo: Copyright Jan Wayne Fields

On the outside he looked calm, collected. On the inside he felt like a swarm of bees. He had grown up in an orphanage. He met his true love in college. He married her the day after graduation. And today, exactly one week later, he would be meeting her parents. Complete strangers that he would call Mom and Dad. He would finally be part of a family. Today, in 30 minutes, he would be sitting down to his very first family dinner. He only looked calm. On the inside he was jumping for joy.