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Hi!  Thank you for stopping by.


Update June 7, 2017

I’m sad to admit that I really failed my January goal.  I find it hard to stick to a schedule and I was really missing doing challenges.  I crocheted a lot last year and barely touched a crochet hook this year.  I have not kept up with my getting healthy goal and gained 25 pounds.  Maybe by putting this in writing it will help me get back on track.

Update January 1, 2017

This year there will be a change in my blog.  I have another blog called  Getting Mobile and Healthy which I started in January 2015 and abandoned.  This blog, Wandering Iris, turned mostly into participating in challenges.

This year Wandering Iris will be a journal about my daily life.  Where I go, what I do, what I eat (with recipes).  It will be a combination of the two blogs because I am still working on being healthy, loosing weight and becoming more mobile.  I still love road trips and taking pictures.  I learned how to crochet in spring last year so I will also post some very easy beginner instructions.

Look for new posts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Thank you to all of my friends that have stuck with me.  Life is a journey and I don’t always go down the right road but will definitely try to make it interesting.


My name is Iris and I love to wander.

I think I got my love for travel from growing up as an Air Force brat.  Then it was continued by being a Navy wife.  I have lived in the US, Germany (where I was born), Ecuador and Japan.  My goal for the US is to visit every state.  36 states visited, 14 left on my list.

I am a wandering day tripper. I love road trips and finding off the beaten path places and unusual things to photograph. I think I might be a photographer at heart. I decided to start a blog to share the places I go and things I find. Walking is difficult for me so my discoveries are all things and places that I can see from my auto. My aim is to make you want to go see it for yourself. Every once in a while I will also add a recipe that is specific to a country or region of our world. I think foods say a lot about a culture and are part of the traveling experience. The photos that I post will all be my own, taken either by me or my husband.

November 2, 2015 update.

My original goal in the paragraph above changed over time.  I started joining the various photo challenges and found that I really liked them.  I found that I was spending way too much in the blogosphere and needed a break.  After a 6 month hiatus, I have been slowly getting back into blogging.  Right now it’s just in photo challenges.

Last year I did start several weekly posts that I plan to start publishing again starting with Wandering Iris Tuesday Pik and Travel Find Thursday.

Happy Wandering,

Iris  🙂


189 thoughts on “About Iris

  1. Hi Iris,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m glad you liked it and decided to follow. It looks like you’re really getting out and around with your camera. I’m enjoying seeing where you wind up and what you find to show us. 🙂

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  3. Before that is my passion to see the whole United States and it took me more than four month to travel by land for the whole forthy eight states or the whole us continent.and I was fortunate to visit some of its territory such as Palau , yap , truck,Saipan,tinian,rota,and Guam.goodluck and wish you the best to achieve your dream.

  4. We invite you to visit Norway! Digitally, that is! 😉
    On our blog: http://www.SeeNorway.wordpress.com
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  5. Iris,

    Thank you SOOO much for taking the time to read our blog post about the hurdles me and my family are facing during this time which was shared on Michael Lai’s blog. We are working on garnering support for the cancer relief crowdfunding campaign my brother and I made for our mom who is fighting third stage colon cancer. Just you taking the time to read seriously is so awesome to us. If you can please share/reblog our cause or promote our page wherever you can. I trust that you can help make a significant impact on our small, humble family.

    Thank you again!

    Christopher Michael

  6. Iris, it seems like we have quite a few things in common, not the least of which is having been born in Germany, I also post as a (flexible) rule three times a week, on the weekend featuring our family’s amazing journey through life. I am looking forward to reading your posts in the near future.

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