Exercise Timing

  Not everyone can take a walk for an hour or spend 30 minutes doing cardio.  I know that I can’t…yet.  So what can I do? I do 5 minutes 6 times a day. I can march in place for 2 minutes.  While I’m sitting to rest I do arm circles for 1 minute followed…


Why Plan Your Meals?

Take The Time To Plan Planning a 2-3 day menu will ensure that your meals are healthy and within a set calorie range.   If you stick to the menu you will not feel guilty about eating or regretful of what you ate.   Eating without guilt or regret will cause happiness and satisfaction.


Easy and Hearty Salad

What’s for dinner?  My version of Taco Salad. Even though I shouldn’t eat raw vegetables there comes a time when I just need to crunch on something raw.  This is a great salad to make.  It’s easy and it’s filling.   Warm Taco Chili Salad ¾ pound ground beef 1 taco seasoning package 1 can…


Kale,Kale, Kale….Why Kale?

This is from the Diabetic Diet Secrets website. Nutritionaly, kale is near the top amongst vegetables. It’s a real nutrition booster, with its high level of beta carotene and plentiful amounts of vitamins C and E. These antioxidants make it a good food to lower the risk of heart disease, stroke and cataracts. Kale is…