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Wandering Iris Tuesday Pik – Red Oak II, Missouri

Red Oak II is along an old stretch of Rt 66 about 20 miles east of Joplin Missouri.  It is also about 20 miles west of the original Red Oak.  Most of the buildings were moved by the Missouri artist Lowell Davis.  Red Oak was his childhood home.  He lovingly restored the homes and businesses and placed them to look like a small town.

When you drive through this town you can imagine that it is 1930.  He also added some funny pieces to his town like a child care center that is a large cage.

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Wandering Iris Tuesday Pik

Osceola Cheese Factory Store

Osceola, Missouri

South of Kansas City along Highway 13 is this store that sells cheese.  What seems like hundreds of different kinds of cheeses.  They sell other things also, but cheese is why you come here.  Even tour buses stop here.  

On the shelves, placed in and around the cheeses, you will find containers with little cheese cubes in then and also containers with toothpicks.  Who needs lunch when you can fill up on cheese samples?


check it out at




Wandering Iris Tuesday Pik

Things I Found While Wandering

cow bench

You never know what you will find when you wander around town and down old country roads.




Unusual street signs and one of a kind tombstones.





Superman and super cool car.


And when you see something out of the ordinary, always, always take a picture.  I’m so glad we took this photo of a hot tub in a state forest, 30 miles from the nearest town.  Too bad it’s not there anymore.  This photo is from 1976.


These are just a small handful of photos that I have to share.

Wandering Iris Tuesday Pik – Billy The Kid – Lincoln, New Mexico

The town of Lincoln, New Mexico was home to Billy the Kid for a while.  Billy worked as a cowhand at a ranch near town which belonged to Henry Tunstall.  The largest building in town is the Courthouse which was also a General Store in Billy’s time.  Billy was arrested for killing the sheriff and instead of keeping him in the town jail he was kept in chains in a room upstairs, guarded by two deputies.  Billy shot both deputies and escaped.



billy3 billy bill

Wandering Iris Tuesday Pik – Nineteenth Century Dinnertime


The Ray House

At Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield near Springfield, Missouri

ray1ray2 ray3 ray4 ray5The Ray farmhouse is a wonderful restored home that you can walk through to get the feel of a nineteenth century home.

dinner 2 dinner 3 dinner bed1 bed2A short YouTube film:


Dinnertime at the Ray House


Wandering Iris Tuesday Pik



This restaurant opened in 1995, but this cliff has a much longer history.  It was a road in the 1800’s then became a general store in 1928.  See more about this at

And the menu

A little to the east of Highway 71 south of Joplin, MO and north of Neosho, MO