4 thoughts on “Daily Photo 9 January”

  1. Good Morning Iris,
    You always find the most interesting photographs, and from all over the place! You make me want to get out and start photographing things. Here to think you were in Virginia also, do not know what part of Virginia you were in, as I am located in Virginia (the Shenandoah Valley ) along Interstate 81, near Harrisonburg, would love to meet you sometime when you come through my area, I could take you to the Dayton area to the Old Order Mennonite settlement (horse an buggies on the roads ) let me know when you get through VA sometime.

    1. Hello Mitchell, what a wonderful invitation. If the invite is still open 3 years from now I will want to take you up on it. The photo was taken as we were driving down I-81. It’s very possible that this barn could be even close to Harrisonburg. Hubby was driving and I was clicking. We were on our way home from Maryland, where our son was married on Christmas Eve. We got on 81 at Winchester and followed it into Tennessee. The photo just before the barn was the water tower for Woodstock Virginia. And P.S. I respect and am fascinated the Amish and Mennonite lifestyle. I would also love to see you at work making baskets. If you ever find yourself in southwest Missouri, please let me know. Meeting you would be awesome, fellow blogger.

      1. You are so very kind Iris! I sincerely hope that the invite will still be valid and good 3 years from now I would love to meet you! I am hoping things get better and better from this point forward for me. Life has been a real struggle for the past several years.
        Don’t you know Iris, that Woodstock is just up the road from Harrisonburg, shoot had you known you could have gotten off 81 at the Woodstock exit and drove back north just a bit not far at all and you would have been at a place called Meem’s Bottom, where there is a a beautiful covered bridge at the end of a mile long road canopied by maple trees, of course in December it would have looked quite different but knowing your photography, your would have been able to take dozens of pictures from all angles. I am certain I could show you places all around this area you would use up an entire memory card. LOL

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