Travel Find Thursday – Jerusalem Mill Village, Maryland

Jerusalem Mill Village,

located on the north bank of Little Gunpowder Falls

is about 25 miles northeast of Baltimore, Maryland.

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The Mill

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My only regret is that we were here “Out of Season” and on a weekday.  On weekends “In Season” there are volunteers dressed in period costume.  That would be wonderful to see.

 The Village

jm14 jm15 jm16 jm18 jm17 jm20 jm21 jm31jm36I hope you enjoyed the tour. 

13 thoughts on “Travel Find Thursday – Jerusalem Mill Village, Maryland”

  1. I BLOODY DID !!! – thanks heaps, Iris ! As you know, this is my favourite era in American history; and it’s the first time I’ve seen what a village looked like in the time of the revolutionary war.
    More, please !

  2. I love the fact that some of these historical old places are kept alive and are maintained for the public to enjoy. It looks like this old mill is well loved and respected. Thanks for sharing, Iris. I love the multiple dormers in the roof of this wonderful old building.

  3. Amazing Iris, while I don’t live close, I don’t live that far away from this place about 3-4 hours probably, and never knew or heard about it, Loved your post~!

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