Floral Friday Foto

ffhydran hydrangea

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  1. hbs1991 says:

    Iris, I absolutely love flower photography, and absolutely love Hydrangeas in any of their color variations, even thought pink and blue are favorites of many (and mine as well) my absolute favorite is the lime green to green/white colors. I just love all floral photography, but you truly inspire me looking through your eyes at all the wonderful things you find to photograph.
    I need to look through your blog more thoroughly again and see if you describe your lens and equipment you use.

  2. My cameras are very simple. My emphasis is on the subject. and not so much on picture quality. Which is too bad because I have a LOT of blurry photos. My cameras are an older Canon Sure Shot, an older HP Photosmart and my Samsung 3 phone. And yes, please Do browse thru my archives. I need to browse thru yours too.

  3. Bren says:

    I love Hydrangeas… and I love how you have captured the blue tones to this white hydrangea…. I have a white one and it has pink tones, I really should put some Hydrangea Blue around it to try to turn the pink to blue xx

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