A Lingering Look at Architecture

Architecture That I Found Interesting

Post Office, New Ulm, Minnesota

ulm post officeVictorian Outhouse, St Joseph, Missouri

at Jessie James Museum

victorianouthouseVictorian Home, southeastern rural Nebraska

winter victorianLowrey City, Missouri

Hair Salon

DIGITAL CAMERALebanon, Missouri

Abandoned building

DIGITAL CAMERAEureka Springs, Arkansas






12 thoughts on “A Lingering Look at Architecture”

  1. Apart from the Hair Port and the Twistee building, the rest are all amazingly European, eh? – like, the first one is either Austrian or Swiss; the second one Nordic, and so on. Although, come to think of it, that Psycho house is – AMERICAN! 😀

    1. I never considered the second one Nordic but then I have never been to Norway, or Sweden. America was over run with European immigrants so yes, there is a lot of similarity in architectural styles. I love showing off my photos. Thank you for looking and commenting. 🙂

  2. this is such a fun series of photos! i mailed letters from the post office in new ulm, and it’s just amazing to see the structures in middle america you’ve photographed… i love photographing them, too. so glad you wander, iris. best wishes, ~meredith

  3. These photos are great! I especially like that post office but the rest follow so close it’s hard to decide! We have one of those Twistee Treats close to us. I never thought about taking a pic! Hmmm… 🙂

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