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Weekly Photo Challenge II

My One Love


A college friend told me that the guy you meet on Leap Day will be the one you marry.  He was right.  My One Love has always been my best friend.


We have been joyriding and going on adventures for the past 40 years.


navy fam book2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA water3 travel buddy OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABest friend, best husband, best dad to our boys.

The very handsome Mr. Rick.

And he’s just as wack-a-doodle as I am…..maybe more.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

End of the Trail

Photo taken in 1989. 

We hiked the short Cape Flattery Trail (about a mile) through mud and muck, uphill and downhill, over fallen trees, and beautiful ferns and moss covered trees and rocks.  And we loved it!


Because this piece of land that we are standing on is the most northwesterly tip of the contiguous lower 48 States.  The land behind us is a small island.  Our Achievement is that we made it to the farthest west and north that can be gotten to in the US.

Yes, there is Alaska, Hawaii and Point Roberts, but you need a boat or plane to get to Hawaii and a boat plane or driving through Canada to get to Alaska and Point Roberts.

cape flattery

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

Word Origin and History for refraction

From:     Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper


1570s, from Late Latin refractionem (nominative refractio) “a breaking up,” noun of action from past participle stem of Latin refringere “to break up,” from re- “back” (see re- ) + comb. form of frangere “to break” (see fraction ).


refrac7 refrac6

EPSON MFP image DIGITAL CAMERA refrac12 refrac 14 refrac15

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