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Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 35

How do you get people in a park to put their trash in the trash can?  Make it really really fun!  Okinawa Japan.

trash stup

A British phone booth by the driveway?   Only in Ohio!  Loraine, Ohio

red ph booth

A tombstone showroom that looks like a small cemetery.  The Holt Monument Company.  Buffalo, Missouri.


022714 Odd Ball


Wandering Down the Road: Okinawa

Sometimes you find the most interesting things when you just wander around, camera in hand, going nowhere in particular.

EPSON MFP imageA view up the hill from the road.EPSON MFP imageIf you can’t have the real thing, make your own.

EPSON MFP imageShisa standing guard, protecting the home.EPSON MFP imageA little landscaping for sale.EPSON MFP imageOkinawan tombs are unique and beautiful.EPSON MFP imageThere’s a storm headed our way.EPSON MFP imageSwan boats on a lake south of Nago.EPSON MFP imageA Temple in the Nakagusuku area.EPSON MFP imageA rainy day at Hedo Point.EPSON MFP imageDowntown Nago.EPSON MFP imageOlder house near Shuri Castle.EPSON MFP imagePaved road or dirt trail, we drive Everywhere!EPSON MFP imageGodzilla wants to communicate.EPSON MFP imageHiga River.EPSON MFP imageIt’s time to harvest the sugar cane.EPSON MFP imageSwimming at Kadena Marina.EPSON MFP imageThere are bullet holes from WWII in this Shisa.EPSON MFP imageTaking a picture of you taking a picture of me.

EPSON MFP imageOne of the new hotels.EPSON MFP imageA wonderful place for a picnic.

EPSON MFP imageI love tunnels.  This one is on the northwest side of the island.EPSON MFP imageBuild it and they will come.

EPSON MFP imageWow.  Somebody has a cool house.

EPSON MFP imageSome things just are not there anymore.  This is a blurry photo of Aquapolis.  A futuristic concept of a city of the future.  People could ride solar powered go carts on the top and walk thru a glass tunnel under the water. It was towed away and scrapped in 1993.  Too Bad.  It was pretty cool.

These are just a small handful of photos that our family took while stationed on Okinawa from 1985 to 1988.  I’m saving the touristy places photos for a different day.

Mōichido kite kudasai

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: 50 Years or Older

On the Japanese island of Okinawa there is a folk village that is made up of century-old houses that were disassembled and moved from villages throughout the Ryukyu archipelago.

EPSON MFP image Woman in period costume.EPSON MFP imageStaff members wear period costumes as they engage in activities traditional to Okinawan villages of a time before WWII.EPSON MFP imageIn a courtyard a farmer encourages a slow-moving bull to walk in a circle, turning a stone wheel mill that grinds sugar cane stalks.

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Cee’s Black & White Challenge: 50 Years or Older