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Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 35

How do you get people in a park to put their trash in the trash can?  Make it really really fun!  Okinawa Japan.

trash stup

A British phone booth by the driveway?   Only in Ohio!  Loraine, Ohio

red ph booth

A tombstone showroom that looks like a small cemetery.  The Holt Monument Company.  Buffalo, Missouri.


022714 Odd Ball


Wandering Iris Tuesday Pik – Week 2

Tuesday Pik – Week 2

Drive-Thru Liquor Store, Lorain, Ohio. 

Every Tuesday I will pick one town that has something worth stopping to take a photo of. 

This week the picture was taken by my husband while on a business trip.

Most people know what a Drive-In is.  Some of our states even have liquor stores with a drive-up window.  He had to take these to show me because this is something he had never seen before.

drive thru tuesday2