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Wandering Iris Tuesday Pik

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

The Navajo name for this area is Tse’Bii’Ndzisgaii.  It is a place of spectacular scenery, tranquility, timeless, peaceful and most likely the most driven on dirt road in America.  Just make sure your vehicle has good shocks because it is also quite bumpy.

This beautiful tribal park covers 91,696 (37108.05 hectares) and is in two states, Utah and Arizona.

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Uniquely Interesting Roads

The topic for this weeks challenge by Cee’s Photography is Roads: country, freeways, streets.  This group of photos are of roads that I thought had something of special interest.  I call them my Uniquely Interesting Roads


Lake Meredith, near Fritch in the Texas Panhandle.  The sign tells the story about why this is uniquely interesting.  It’s the only sign like this that I’ve ever seen.


A road to someone’s house in Lebanon Missouri.  So I guess this road is a very long driveway.


This is the loop road in the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park.  As you can see it’s a pretty popular road.  This is what I imagine roads to be like for stage coaches in the 1800’s.  I was very bumpy.


In Spokane Missouri, the High School is on both sides of this city street.  Their solution, build over it. 

Who needs a cross walk ?!


A sand road through a patch of jungle on the island of Okinawa.


Not quite as unique as the others but interesting none the less.  Amish country in southern Missouri.


A patch of highway in southwestern Nebraska.  The unique and interesting part is that we were following a tanker truck and small crop dusting plane.


The road along the south rim of the Grand Canyon.  We were following 2 German cyclists on recumbent bicycles.


And these last three pictures are taken on the main street of Oakland Nebraska.  I was fascinated with this road because it was completely made with bricks.  Something I have very rarely seen.



Ride With Me Through Monument Valley

Monument Valley is one of America’s most popular scenic areas. 

The “Monuments” are actually sandstone buttes of many sizes and shapes.  The largest Butte stands about 1000 feet / 300 meters above the valley floor.  They are all quite stunning.  Many westerns from the early Hollywood days were filmed in this area.  Monument Valley is located on the Arizona-Utah border.  The most well known formations are located in the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park.  We took this trip in May 2010.  There is a fee of I think $10.00 per car to drive a 17 mile loop through the most impressive buttes. 

We got a hotel room in Kayenta Arizona, about 30 miles south of the park entrance.  To get to the park we drove north on highway 163.  A mile or two over the state border into Utah, we turned right onto Monument Valley Road. From there it’s maybe 2 to 4 miles to the park entrance.mon valley 1 mon valley 2 mon valley 3

There is a very nice hotel called The View at the beginning of the loop. 

The hotel has a restaurant and gift shop.

mon valley 35

This is where the pavement ends and the red dirt loop starts.

Please enjoy the scenery of the next 31 photos.


mon valley 4 mon valley 5 mon valley 6 mon valley 7 mon valley 8 mon valley 9 mon valley 10 mon valley 11 mon valley 12 mon valley 13 mon valley 14 mon valley 15 mon valley 16 mon valley 17 mon valley 18 mon valley 19 mon valley 20 mon valley 22 mon valley 23 mon valley 24 mon valley 25 mon valley 26 mon valley 27 mon valley 28 mon valley 29 mon valley 30 mon valley 31 mon valley 32 mon valley 33

And we’re back to the hotel.

mon valley 34I hope you enjoyed the ride.  I know hubby and I did.