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UNDER The Erie Canal in New York

Some of its nicknames are:

The Big Ditch, Clinton’s Big Ditch, Clinton’s Folly

The Erie Canal is in the state of New York and was built to connect the Hudson River at Albany to Lake Erie at Buffalo, New York.  The building began in 1817 and the canal was finished in 1825.  The original canal was 40 feet wide and 4 feet deep.  It has been enlarged several times, the first time being in 1836.


President Thomas Jefferson would not approve the building of the 360 mile canal, but supporters of the canal idea finally were able to convince the Governor of New York, Dewitt Clinton, that it should be built.  The Governor approved a budget of 7 million dollars and broke ground on the 4th of July, 1817.


Many bridges were built to allow people to cross the canal.  The one unique crossing is where a road goes under the canal, about 50 miles east of Buffalo, close to Albion, NY.


The Erie Canal about 5 miles west of Albion and 50 miles east of Buffalo.

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The Erie Canal in Albion, NY

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