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Devil’s Elbow on Missouri’s Route 66

Devil’s Elbow was named for an awkwardly bad bend in the Big Piney River. There was a large boulder in the river at this point that lumberjacks swore was put there by the devil just to annoy them. Lumberjacks would float logs down the river and they would seem to always jam due to the rock and the bend in the river.DIGITAL CAMERA The community of Devil’s Elbow started as a logging camp after the civil war.  When Route 66 came through during the 1930s Devil’s Elbow was a resort community with cabins, canoes, and the famous Munger Moss Sandwich Shop which is now the Elbow Inn Bar and BBQ. DIGITAL CAMERAThe Elbow Inn Bar has acquired its own fame because of the hundreds of women’s bras that are hung from the ceiling.  It also has great food and is a wonderful place to stop for lunch. DIGITAL CAMERADevils Elbow is located in Pulaski County about 25 miles west of Rolla.  To get to there, take I-44 west to the Hwy J Exit (exit 169).  Turn left on Hwy J and cross the interstate.  Take an immediate right on Hwy Z.  Follow Hwy Z,( a newer four-lane stretch of Route 66), for two or so miles until you get to Teardrop Road.  Turn left here.  Follow Teardrop Road for a quarter mile or so and you will arrive at the Elbow Inn Bar.  The old truss bridge is next to the bar and the town of Devil’s Elbow is just on the other side of the river.