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Terrific Tuesday Trials: Bedazzle

LenzExperiments has started a new challenge.  This is week 2.  To join in or to see other entries go to:        http://lenzexperiments.wordpress.com/2014/06/24/terrific-tuesday-trials-bedazzle/

I’m not a person who goes for a lot of sparkly bling, but I saw this purse with sparkly beads on it and I just couldn’t resist because it was made from a cigar box.


20140625_111522_1 bling

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 2

Some of my oddball photos.

Sometimes you just don’t want to know.  You just take the picture and move on.

Like the one below that says Anti- Thief Assn.  There’s a club??

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANo comment on this next one.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This home owner has a sense of humor, and a lot of energy. oddball11 My mother-in-law cracks me up!oddball13So….if the state highway department makes and installs an official road sign, it means that Sasquatch is real, right?



022714 Odd Ball

Like It or Loath It 2: Liver

EPSON MFP imageLiver, What’s Not To Like?

Liver, I LOve it!  Not plain, and certainly not raw.  Not chicken liver, only beef liver. I think the reason a lot of people don’t like it is that they cook it too long.  Plus it needs other flavors.  Liver and onions is my favorite.  The liver needs to be patted with paper towels to dry it off.  While the liver is drying, the onions are carmelizing. The liver should be dredged in flour that is seasoned with salt and pepper.  When the onions are cooked, they come out and four slices of bacon go in and the liver is laid on the bacon.  It only needs to cook 2 or 2 1/2  minutes before you turn it over and 1 minute or so on the flip side.  Put it on your plate, put a pile of cooked onions on top and dig in.   Yummy!

And then there is the Liverwurst sandwich! OH YUMMY!  Rye bread spread with butter and a thin coat of mustard, nice think slices of liverwurst and and a bunch of Bread N Butter pickle slices.

I don’t eat these very often because they are cholesterol bombs.  At the same time though, liver is actually good for you. Liver is a “Superfood”.  Most people only view liver as high in Iron, but did you know it is also very high in vitamin A, B6, B12, copper, riboflavin, thiamin, niacin, biotin.  The list goes on.

The bacon takes away the metallic flavor that most people object to. If you don’t overcook it, it won’t be tough. I loath overcooked liver.


This challenge is brought to you by Margaret Rose Stringer

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To join in, here are the rules (copy/pasted from her blog):

This is a fortnightly ‘competition’, with the prize of a personal poem in acknowledgement of the winner’s skill! It requires you to submit your opinion/s on each fortnight’s topic – see below.

Create a new post around the topic describing how/why you like or loathe it – either in prose or imagery. Use as its heading the phrase you see in mine. Please make sure to add lioli to its tags, in addition to whatever other tags you like.

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