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Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 1

Sometimes we take photos just because we find things that are so unusual that we need proof that we saw it.  Here are a few of mine.

The first one is for a drive-in that we drove by in I think 1982 in Twisp, Washington.

EPSON MFP imageDid you ever wonder where vinegar came from? I was clueless until I saw this in Nixa, Missouri.  1997

vinegarHuge mushrooms.  Somebody’s front lawn, Springfield, Missouri. 2010

Ginormous mushroomsUmm…yeah, not sure what to say about this.  Flamingos, Clever, Missouri, maybe 2011.

flamingo flockedNow let’s change counties.  Japanese Energy Drink.  We saw it a lot when we lived on Okinawa but never bought it.  Hubby saw it for sale when he was in Manila, Philippines 2008.  So…..would you drink a can of Sweat?  Some things just get lost in translation.

DIGITAL CAMERAAlso on his same trip to Manila, a stop at McDonald’s gave him this photo opportunity.  Check out the Offer for the Month at the bottom of the poster.  There’s something to tell your friends,

“I got a free Body Bag at McDonald’s”

Mc body bagI hope these photos entertained you and made you laugh as much as they did for me.

This is Cee’s newest Challenge. To play along or just look at more photos, click the link below.