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Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape

This week it’s all about landscape and there are some truly magnificent landscapes on this planet.  In 2010 we were able to check THE Grand Canyon off our bucket list. 

daily pottery

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I put THE in all capital letters of the Arizona Grand Canyon because there are other places that have awesome canyons such as the Waimea Canyon on Kauai which is also known as the Grand Canyon of Hawaii and the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, so I have added some photos of that beautiful canyon.

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Wandering Iris Tuesday Pik

Petrified Forest National Park

pet 2The Petrified Forest is located in northeast Arizona and is about 170 square miles (440 square kilometers) in size. The petrified trees were alive about 225 million years ago.  This area became a National Monument in 1906 and was changed to a National Park in 1962.

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Travel Find Thursday – Lowell Observatory – Flagstaff, Arizona

The Lowell Observatory is an astronomical observatory built in 1894 on a hill overlooking Flagstaff, Arizona, United States. The Lowell Observatory is among the oldest observatories in the United States, and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1965.

It was founded by astronomer Percival Lowell. All of its trustees have been members of the Lowell family.

This observatory is famous as the place the Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh.

th1 th2 th3 th4 th5 th6 th7From a viewpoint at the top of the hill you can get a great view of the town of Flagstaff, Arizona.