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Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene

The world has so much beauty,

it is easy find serenity.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Evanescent

We Were So Young

friendsLittle brother and I with the Inca family that lived next door in a cardboard one room home in the vacant lot next door.  On the foot of Pichincha in Quito Ecuador, 1962.

You can read my childhood memories of Quito in the post below;



Photo Challenge: Heritage

Passing down my Oma’s (grandmother’s) dishes and recipes.

Wedding photo of my grandmother’s sister.  The wedding couple are seated in the middle.  My great grandparents are seated on the right and left.  My grandmother is standing behind the groom and my mother is the taller of the 2 children.

The dishes are hand made and belonged to my grandmother.

The food I learned to cook from my mother who learned from her mother who learned from her mother.

The crepes we always called German pancakes and we always ate them with applesauce.  The special Sunday dinner is Sauerbraten, always served with potato dumplings and rotkraut.