Are You Worthy?

YES ! YES ! YES !! You are worth the effort to make a food plan. You are worth the effort to cook healthy, delicious meals that look good on a plate. You are worth the effort to sit at the table and use the “good dishes”. You are worth the effort to do whatever…

Will Lentils Make Me Happy?

  To lift your mood: Lentils Your brain needs folate to synthesize serotonin and dopamine, and research reveals that people with depression often have insufficient blood levels of folate. To get 90% of your day’s worth, work a cup of lentils into your lunch or dinner. Also good for: Blood sugar control, digestion “Happiness is an…

For Motivation This Week

Wanting to look good is not selfish or narcissistic  When I think that I look good I feel better When I feel better I have more energy When I have more energy I get more done When I get more done I feel better about myself When I feel better about myself I am happier…

Good vs. Bad

  Two bites of something really good is much more satisfying than 20 bites of something not so good.  

Why Plan Your Meals?

Take The Time To Plan Planning a 2-3 day menu will ensure that your meals are healthy and within a set calorie range.   If you stick to the menu you will not feel guilty about eating or regretful of what you ate.   Eating without guilt or regret will cause happiness and satisfaction.