I’m Wondering About Snacking

Peanut Butter on a Cracker, Crackers   Original Filename: 76984080.jpg

It takes the brain about 20 minutes to decide it has had enough to eat.

Wealthy dinner party hosts of the 1600 and 1700 hundreds began serving hors-d’oeuvres to guests about 30 minutes before dinner so that guests would eat a smaller quantity at dinner.

Our mothers warned us against snacking in the afternoon because it would “spoil your dinner.”

This is making me wonder if it would benefit me to spoil my dinner.   What if I ate a small healthy snack like peanut butter on 3 crackers 20 minutes before dinner?

How much less would I eat?

7 thoughts on “I’m Wondering About Snacking”

  1. I’m currently reading a book called ‘The Diet Fix’ by Dr Yoni Freedhoff. I’m still working my way through it – but he definitely advocates planed high protein snacks to avoid over-eating later

  2. Agree, scheduled measured high nutrient snacks help to balance your appetite for the next meal. The snack needs to be added into the day’s total calorie & carbohydrate count. I’d say try it & see how it goes for you! 💛 Christine

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