Reflecting on Childhood Meal Favourites: Times Past

I found a new Challenge.  It’s from a blog by Irene Waters.  This week she is asking what our favorite childhood meal was.  I just happen to have photos saved from a cookbook I put together for my children.  Pretty convenient, right?  Here are her questions.

What were your favourites?

sauer1My mother is German and my favorite foods were the German dishes she made.  My most favorite is her sauerbraten, potato dumplings and red cabbage.  Oh yum!  My favorite part of that meal was the potato dumplings and the sauce.

A huge favorite was my dad’s turkey and oyster stuffing.  Dad only cooked twice a year, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The only thing he made was the best stuffing ever and the turkey always turned out perfectly moist and tender.


ceviche1Other big favorites were lentils and spaetzle,  shrimp ceviche (not german, she learned to make it when we lived in Ecuador), crepes with applesauce and polka dot cookies (also not german, she got this recipe from a friend).

Would you still like them today? If not why not?

I still love them all today!

Was your favourite served as a normal meal or only on special or rare occasions?

My mother was a working mom, so my favorites were not made too often because they were time consuming.  This always made them a special occasion for me.

Did your mother enjoy cooking?

I think my mother enjoyed cooking when she was not rushed and had time to cook leisurely.

Did you serve the same favourite to your own children? If so, did it become his/her favourite as well?

crep1Yes, I did occasionally make these for my children.  They liked the lentils and spaetzle more than the sauerbraten, but their favorite was the applesauce crepes.   My mother called them german pancakes.  They also really liked her polka dot cookies.  They are like fudge rolled into a log, rolled in powdered sugar and nuts then cut into slices.  In the chocolate there were chopped walnuts and colored mini marshmallows.  To this day my mother is the only one who can make this.  I have tried many times and they just don’t come out the same, but I’m getting closer…..this is my last try from 2 years ago.

poka1A favorite that my youngest son likes is this every Christmas snack that my mother picked up back in the 1960’s and we call Sputnik.


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Reflecting on Childhood Meal Favourites: Times Past

10 thoughts on “Reflecting on Childhood Meal Favourites: Times Past”

  1. My mother is mostly of German descent and would you believe I never had cabbage at home growing up except in cole slaw!!! I Love it so much and have passed this on. No more skipping a generation 🙂

  2. Oh wow Iris. I’m hungry now just looking at these photos. I’d love the recipe for the potato dumplings. Thank you for joining in you have added an extra dimension to our rememberances of food from our childhood coming from a German background.l So I can link you I need to know whether you grew up in Germany of the ?USA and I’m guessing you are a baby boomer. I love the sputnik.

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