Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration

My admiration goes out to millions of people over countless millennia. 

Who??  What Is she talking about!?

Who and what I’m talking about is everyone who has ever ventured into the unknown.  From the prehistoric peoples who packed up and moved to unknown lands to the explorers of several hundred years ago to astronauts.  Jacque Cousteau is in there also, of course.  And then there are the inventors and scientists like Madame Curie, Tesla, Algoritmi and the father of peanut butter….George Washington Carver.  No I didn’t forget Edison and Alexander Graham Bell.

Lewis and Clark



daily cross daily macross

People who expand our boundaries

tuesday pik EPSON MFP image


elizabethpeterg Pioneers move cbin



new mex very large array

They all have my deepest admiration

for other bloggers admirations


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration”

  1. Great post and photos. We have a lot of people to be thankful for. I think I must be thankful to the people who invented an automatic washing machine and dishwasher. I am eternally grateful to them every time I press the on button

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