Not My Normal Type Of Post, But I’m REALLY Angry


Several minutes ago I was looking for some information on the cast of the Andy Griffith show. 

Google placed this “Thing” at 7th from the top on my computer screen:


WHAT ?????      If a person is Jewish they are Not White?

This is the type of RACIST CRAP that is plaguing our entire planet!

Dear stormfront,

   White is a race.  Jewish is a religion.

Where did “Race”  as an identifier come from.  What MORON invented the Race Scale?

13 thoughts on “Not My Normal Type Of Post, But I’m REALLY Angry”

  1. I can see why you are angry. What has being Jewish or Catholic, or Protestant have to do with the color of our skin? People are strange creatures. The world is hurting so much right now.

  2. apologies to rebirthoflisa…..I read your comment as that you were agreeing that jewish people do not have white skin. So sorry…I was still Steaming when I wrote my response. I’m more calm now. BTW…I like your blog….one Old Fat Catholic White Chick 🙂

  3. But Iris, this is an extreme right-wing organization. You shouldn’t be surprised at anything you read there, m’dear; they exist to ‘entertain’ their members with this kind of vile garbage.
    The frightening part is how many of them there are …

    1. yes, I’ve had an english muffin and a little nap, I’m better now. Not sure Why this spun me up as much as it did. It just Really Really hit me hard. I’m usually very calm.

      1. And I Really Really like that: wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve is a good thing. 🙂

  4. I am not sure what to say except I agree with you and we are all humans and belong to the human race no matter what color skin, etc.

  5. Between the media and politics, race baiting is a prerequisite to keeping people divided. If the people ever put down their petty differences, I seriously doubt our world would be in the state of chaos we are living in today. There are some massive changes going on in the background, but as long as our attention is diverted elsewhere, it is not on the powerful elite who would enslave us all. Remember our motto (in America) — United we Stand.

  6. Iris, many say that responding to trolls is ineffective. I have rarely run into obnoxiousness because until WP I rarely engaged online, but I DID find respondinding effective, the few times morons or those attempting evil were encountered, and it works excellently in person (though may some day get me killed):

    “Oh, dear. I see another poor frustrated guy born with a tiny dick is taking out his hate at the world in racism–some choose sexism, some become pedophiles, you picked this. So sad.”

  7. Recent events had me posting a slightly different blog entry too. Maybe one day these extremists will realise that they are making things worse for everyone, including themselves, and will get on with the business of “Live and let live”. Until then, I’ll stand with you! Je suis Charlie.

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