Wandering Iris Tuesday Pik – Nashville, Tennessee

When you say Nashville, Tennessee, most people think Country Music.


A lot of people don’t know that this same Nashville also has the only full size replica of the Parthenon in the world (yes, the famous Greek Parthenon).

We got there early on a recent Sunday morning, a rainy Sunday morning, it was not open, so we did not get to see the full size replica of Athena inside.  It opens at noon on Sundays.  Here are our photos.

paeth1 parth2 panth2 parth3 panth3 panth4 parth4 parth5 parth6 parth7And they were doing construction on the grounds around the outside.


A little history ~~

A full size replica of the Greek Parthenon was built for the 1897 celebration of the 100th birthday of Tennessee’s statehood.  It was the centerpiece of a 5 acre fair.  The original was built of wood, plaster and brick.  Along with other structures built for the fair, it was not intended to be permanent.  Most of the other buildings are gone.  (There was a pyramid next to the Parthenon.)  The Parthenon was such a popular attraction that it was decided it should be permanent.  

A project was started in 1920 to rebuild the Parthenon on the same spot, but in concrete this time.  The outside was finished in 1925 and the inside was finished in 1931.  A full size replica of the Athena statue was added in 1990.

The building has been used for several Hollywood movies such as “Nashville” and “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief”.

These days the building is primarily used as an art museum.


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  1. We love the Parthenon, especially the enormous Athena inside. It’s a must-see when folks come to Nashville, but it’s not a destination for many. Just one of those things, I guess. Everyone says, “Yeah, we need to see that” but then they don’t. It’s really, really a great site!

    1. I. Greenwald says:

      I think that a lot of people who are not from the area don’t even know about it. Believe it or not, I found out about it on the food network show “Diners, Drive Ins and Dives” because the the host was going to a Greek restaurant in the area and either showed a second or two clip or mentioned it.

  2. orples says:

    Thank you for taking the time to include a little of the history of this wonderful building, Iris. I learn a lot visiting your blog and wanted you to know your efforts have not gone unappreciated. 🙂

    1. I. Greenwald says:

      Thank you Marcy 🙂 It’s so good to know that.

  3. Awesome photos, Iris! I love the detail! Including history was a big plus. I’ve been following you for some time now and I’d like to nominate you for the Premio Dardos Award. It’s an easy one to accept with no Q’s to answer. I’ll post a blog in a few days and your name will be among the nominations. Hope you’ll accept so more people can follow your travels. Christine

    1. I. Greenwald says:

      Thank you Christine, I’ve been not accepting but I think I will accept yours.

      1. Thank you Iris! I know how you must feel about awards with the many questions to answer and then questions to make up. Very time consuming! That’s why I stopped accepting awards myself. But this one is for recognition of “values” transmitted in the form of creative or original writing. Your photographs and write-ups are exceptional and more people need to visit your site. You’ll only have to pass it on to some fellow bloggers. I’ll have a post about it in a few days and your name will be on the nominations list Thanks so much! Christine

      2. Iris, here’s the published post link for the Premio Dardos Award:

      3. I. Greenwald says:

        thank you Christine

  4. jpeggytaylor says:

    I never knew this – how fascinating! Thank you for telling us the history – I like that too 🙂

  5. hbs1991 says:

    Thank You Iris! I would never have known about this place if it were not for you and your wonderful photography!

    1. I. Greenwald says:

      Thank you Mitchell. If you are ever in Nashville it’s a “must see”.

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