Christmas Morning Drive – Washington D.C.

45 Blurry and not to terribly blurry photos of Washington D.C. at dawn on Christmas MorningDIGITAL CAMERA I don’t normally post blurry pictures, but with this post I am doing just that.  We arrived in Washington D.C. just as dawn was approaching.  Since it was Christmas morning there were almost no others cars on the streets.

20141225_070743 20141225_070813blur1 blur2 blur3 blur4 blur5 blur6 blur7 blur8 blur9 blur10 blur11blur12 blur13 blur14 blur15 blur16 blur17 blur18blur19 blur20 blur21 blur22 blur23 blur24 blur25blur26 blur27 blur28 blur29 blur30 blur31 blur32 blur33 blur34 blur 35 blur36 blur37 blur38 blur39 blur40 blur41 blur42At this point we drove across the bridge to the Arlington National Cemetery and waited for it to open. 

16 thoughts on “Christmas Morning Drive – Washington D.C.”

  1. Lovely set of photso, Iris, even the blurry ones – they have a special charm of their own. You wouldn’t see the city like that too often, I’d imagine. All the best for 2015. ❤

  2. I am surprised the streets are so empty even if it was Christmas. Actually, it looks Christmas morning is the time to sight see without getting crowded out. Nice Photos. Nice Share.

      1. I suspect that is why they have satellite parking and trains and such—which is why I avoid such places. Admittedly, I am a country bumpkin. 🙂 The city does sport some beautiful Architecture. That fact can not be denied.

    1. Don’t believe everything you hear from reporters…..unless of course you’re talking about our politicians. (Oops, did that just come out of my mouth?) Damn…now the NSA and CIA are going to be following my blog, incognito of course.

      1. I took a class in college on how to lie with statistics. It turned out to be one of my favorite classes. And now it’s been so long ago that I couldn’t give you a single example. Not that it would be relevant today anyway. Oh well.

  3. Iris, these would make a charming mini-film with some music. Enjoyed them. For me, they really give that cold, wet (damp), wintery, Christmas feel–partly because one’s own vision gets blurry like that from the cold sometimes, doesn’t it?

  4. What a Wonderful time of the day to be in DC, looks like NO TRAFFIC!! Any other time, I would say RUN, RUN as fast as you can out of the city!! Take Refuge in the Rural areas! LOL 🙂

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