Wandering Iris Tuesday Pik – Chillicothe, Missouri


Wall mural in Chillicothe, Missouri

The very first loaf of pre-sliced bread was sold on July 7, 1928 in Chillicothe, Missouri.

Otto Frederick Rohwedder, from Davenport, Iowa, invented the Rohwedder Bread Slicer in 1912.  Bakeries in and around Iowa would not buy his machine because they felt the bread would go stale too soon.  He kept working on his invention.  In 1928 he convinced a baker in Chillicothe Missouri that if the sliced bread was wrapped in waxed paper it would stay fresher.  Customers loved the idea of buying sliced bread and he soon sold out.  Pre-sliced bread became a household staple when in 1930 Wonder Bread began to commercially produce pre-sliced loaves of bread.

6 thoughts on “Wandering Iris Tuesday Pik – Chillicothe, Missouri”

  1. How weird is this small world? My sister lived not far from this sign for a number of years, and my neice lives just outside town! The main street does not look all that different today, except for more cars. It’s like time froze over in Northern Missouri… 🙂 Love it! Mother Hen

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