Daily Photo 15 September

Daily Photo 15 SeptemberImes Covered Bridge. St. Charles, Iowa.

Built in 1870.


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  1. ytaba36 says:

    Now you’ve made me wonder. Why were bridges covered in, in days of yore?

    1. According to what I have read, it was to protect the bridge bed from wood rot caused by the weather so that it would last longer. Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog 🙂

  2. mrsmrs says:

    What’s the history of such a small covered bridge, Iris …?

    1. the only thing that I know about this bridge is that it was originally built in a different part of this county in 1870 and moved to this location in 1977 to be used in this park in St Charles Iowa.

      1. mrsmrs says:

        Fascinating … raises all kinds of conjecture,eh ?
        Thank you, me old china ! 🙂

  3. simon682 says:

    Is it the camera angle or is that bridge tilting to a threatening degree? (Sorry if the answer to this is as obvious as it appears.)

    1. I know it looks like the bridge is leaning. It’s partially the angle and part because the front is built so that the top overhangs the bottom.

  4. Jaspa says:

    I love a covered bridge, Iris!

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