My Favorite Monochromes

#1  Morning Glory


#2  Japanese Culture


#3  Drying Pottery


#4  The Old General Store


Which is your favorite?


25 thoughts on “My Favorite Monochromes

  1. These are really great for monochrome and looks so layered and textured which I always love. The second one gorgeous, they all look cool. What’d you do did you take these with monochrome in mind or was your camera already set to monochrome?

    • the first three were taken in the 1980’s on black and white film with a 35mm camera. I was taking a class to learn how to develop B & W film. The 4th was taken with a digital camera about 10 years ago and used Irfanview to make it grayscale. Thank you so much for stopping by to look at my photos and comment. 🙂

      • Wow that’s amazing, I didn’t realize they were older photos, it’s great that you kept them, I don’t get rid of pictures either. No wonder they are so gorgeous, most of them were film! A lot of b&w looks flat now-a-days at least from the majority I see taken with point & shoots.

  2. I like them all but I’d probably choose #3 the pots as my favourite. It is interesting that you are saying you shot some of the images on b/w film and then developed them yourself – skillful! 🙂 I remember film well, though I never tried my hand at developing.

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