Daily Photo 16 August

ulm post office

Post Office in New Ulm, Minnesota


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  1. jpeggytaylor says:

    What wonderful architecture! Well spotted and well captured 🙂 We don’t build things like we used to do!

  2. pavanneh says:

    What unusual architecture. Very pretty though.

  3. Outlier Babe says:

    So very beautiful! Thank you, Iris! (Have you been to Marietta, Ohio? Don’t know about now, but way back it had similar houses.

    1. No, I have not been there. Sounds like some place I may need to check out 🙂

      1. Outlier Babe says:

        I KNEW I had a photo somewhere! (Took me almost as long to re-find this post 🙂 )

  4. mihrank says:

    Yes, this is so great article to learn more about the history of such great places!

  5. M-R says:

    Hevvings, Iris ! – they sure take their mail seriously ! [grin]

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