The Famed Lover’s Leap

Leaping Lovers!!  Stop That Girl!


Many places in Missouri, the United States, and even the world claim to have a “Lovers Leap”.  This Lovers leap is on the edge of Hannibal Missouri, home town of Mark Twain.  Legend has it that this spot has been called Lovers Leap since 1840.


This marker reads:

While the story varies according to the teller of the story , the main elements are that an Indian brave and an Indian princess from warring tribes were prevented from marrying by their parents and tribes.  One evening when the Indian brave landed his canoe in Bear Creek, he was observed meeting and walking with the Indian princess.  A treacherous observer revealed this to the father  of the Indian princess who was the chief of the tribe.  The angered father offered an otter skin to anyone who would kill the brave.  A number of the younger warriors started after the brave.  When the couple realized they were being chased, they climbed Lovers Leap hoping to elude their pursuers.  Cornered on the rock prominence, the brave knew he was about to be killed.  The princess also realized this, and decided that life would not be worth living if he were killed.  The two embraced and threw themselves off of the top of Lovers Leap to their deaths.  Lovers Leap is thus a memorial to these two young Indians who sacrificed their lives rather than be apart, according to legend.

Written by J. Hurley and Roberta Hagwood


The cliff has been fenced off to prevent more Leaping.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFrom this cliff you can see the Mississippi River and the town of Hannibal.


10 thoughts on “The Famed Lover’s Leap”

  1. And what were you doing at Lovers’ Leap, pray tell ? – with that thing on yer head, you could overbalance and plunge straight down !!

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