Kauai, Hawaii – The Garden Island

Photos from a stormy December on Kauai. The Garden Isle has wild flowers, even in December.

Kaua 070 Kauai 146 Kauai 132 Kauai 167 Kauai 121And a LOT of Green.Kauai 156

Including giant leaves!Kauai 182The stormy weather made large waves.

Kauai 231 Kauai 013 Kauai 119 Kauai 103 Kauai 105 Kauai 106 Kauai 102Mt. Waialeale lived up to its rainy reputation.

waialeale Kauai 272 Kauai 199

Kauai 061 Kauai174 Kauai 176During a sunny break between storms we visited the Grand Canyon of Hawaii, Waimea Canyon.

Kauai 125 Kauai 124 Kauai 122 Kauai 075 Kauai 076It’s also where the wild chickens roam.

Kauai 190 Kauai 189These are just a few of our memories of a lush and green vacation paradise.

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