7 thoughts on “A Photo a Week Challenge: Red”

    1. Yes, I did do 2 reds. My apologies if you are offended. My reasoning is that I had so many red items that I decided to split them and do 2 posts. And then I did a second Abandoned because I had a church that I liked. I this un-ethical in the blogging world? I have been feeling guilty. I need your guidance please.

      1. OK, I was just concerned that it would be viewed as cheating. Before last December I had not even read a blog before, so I am still learning. M.R., I really sincerely appreciate you!

      2. There are some bloggers who keep at it and at it, and I find them bloody boring, to be honest: the third time you see someone posting against a photo challenge your eyes start to glaze over. Probably just me. :-\
        I think maybe that seeing as how most of those challenges are meant to be posted against whenever suits you, the only criterion to keep in mind is not to do it without sufficient space in between, Iris. Like, Friday and then, say, Tuesday …? But I can’t say often enough how far from an expert I am!!!

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