12 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge:Yellow”

    1. Well….I must admit that I did some cropping to bring out the yellow in the photos. The sunflower field is in southwest Missouri, USA, near my home. Thank you for looking at my photos.

      1. I have been looking for a sunflower field for my photography and live in SWMO, could you tell or email the city or location of the one from the picture. Beautiful and creative photos by the way. 🙂

      2. This field is west of Everton, MO but they don’t plant sunflowers every year. I’m sorry that I don’t know which farm road it was on because when we wander we actually Do wander, lol. I can also tell you that if you follow 160 into Kansas, there are many many miles of sunflower fields that we have passed, so that would also be a good place to look. I think around Columbia Kansas.

  1. These are so great Iris! The snow on that flower is absolutely beautiful- and I can’t get over that car and sunflower field. All of these though, just like M.R. said, you don’t hold back when you look for color 🙂

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