Share Your World – 2014 Week 8

IMG_1398Would you rather be given $10,000 for your own use or $100,000 to give anonymously to strangers?

Quite a quandary because while I would enjoy giving money to help people I would also want some for myself.  I would not feel right taking the $100,000 and keeping $10,000 so I would take the $10,000, keep $5,000 and away the other $5,000.  That might sound silly but It would make me feel good without guilt.

When you’re 90 years old, what will matter most to you?

Good enough health to be able to get out to my car and drive.  There is no point living to any ripe old age if you are not able to get yourself around.

Candy factories of the entire world have become one and will now be making only one kind of candy. Which kind, if you were calling the shots?

Mounds Bar.  Love the dark chocolate and coconut. Yum.

So, you’re on your way out and it’s raining. Do you know where your umbrella is or do you frantically search for it all over your apartment/house?

My umbrella is in my car.  Of course I would need to make a dash for the car from the garage because I usually keep it parked outside.  My garage has turned into a storage area.

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One thought on “Share Your World – 2014 Week 8”

  1. I think in today’s society garages are storage units… least where I live. Both of our cars are outside too…but then we don’t have to scrape ice either. Thanks so much for sharing!

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