A Little Piece of Sweden in Nebraska, USA

About an hour north of Omaha Nebraska on Highway 71 we found this little town of Oakland.  We stopped to find a restroom and lingered a while to drive on the town’s brick road.  Yes, an actual brick road.  Something very unusual in this part of the country.

DIGITAL CAMERAThis sign told us that there is a lot of home town pride in this small town started by Swedish immigrants.  Lawns were neatly trimmed.  There is a large golf course and the county fair grounds.  And those beautiful bricks neatly laid for their streets.

DIGITAL CAMERAIt was pretty early in the morning, We left our Hotel in Lincoln Nebraska at dawn. We found a public restroom in the park by the fairground. Even the restroom was cute.

DIGITAL CAMERAThe “Swedishness” was not overdone. Just little signs here and there to let you know this place was special.



DIGITAL CAMERAAnd this was also a town with a sense of humor as you can see by this sign at the florist, where the bricks turned to pavement.

DIGITAL CAMERAYou never know what you will find when you use the road less traveled and explore along the way.

Happy wandering.

3 thoughts on “A Little Piece of Sweden in Nebraska, USA”

  1. It is so nice to find hidden gem, especially when you’re not even looking for it. I find similar occasion when I found out about a remote area in Santa Barbara, California. The brick road really tells how quaint the place is. Cool!

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