The Smallest Bank in Missouri, USA


The First State Bank of Long Lane opened on August 15, 1910, with the amount of $10,000.  By 1926 it had $46,500.  There was a bank robbery in 1930’s.

IMG_9411Today Long Lane is a small community with an Elementary School, one small store, a garage and a handful of homes.  The area Lion’s Club now owns the bank which sits on a corner, in a grassy lot.  It’s front porch held up by a pile of rocks and a brick.

Smaller than a small town, Long Lane Missouri also has the smallest bank in Missouri.

The first settlers, Daniel Beckner and family, came to the area from Virginia in 1846.  A community grew in the area.  The town was named Long Lane because of the 6 mile long straight piece of road, or lane, that the town was built around.

IMG_9409Lone Lane is a community that is about 10 miles east of the town of Buffalo Missouri, which is the county seat of Dallas County.  According to the Missouri Postal History Society, a post office was opened in 1850.

IMG_9413By 1910 the small town was large enough to support 2 General stores, a pharmacy, a school, a doctor and the bank.

IMG_9410Long Lane is located on Highway 32, ten miles east of Buffalo, MO.  The bank is at the intersection of Hwy 32 and County Road P.  For a step back in time, come and visit the First State Bank of Long Lane.  The outside has been restored to how it would have looked back in the 1930’s.  It’s a great photo opportunity.

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